About Us

Sinch brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement. Our cloud communications platform reaches every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging, voice and video.

Our expert teams are built from some of the most experienced in the industry. We employ people from all over the world, from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. We work together, feeding on our differences to make us stronger, and we encourage each other to be the best we can be. Innovation drives us, and we challenge ourselves every day. That's why we can take so much pride in what we have achieved so far.

Get in touch and join us on our journey! There's so much more to come.

Our Values

Our values are the very foundation of our business. They were established on day one by our founders and continue to be at the heart of everything we do today.
  • Provide an Excellent Customer Service
    Be the trusted partner. Provide solutions proactively, always exceed customer expectations.
  • Embrace and Drive Change
    Be agile, flexible and act fast. Think ahead and drive change.
  • Be Cost-Conscious
    Be smart, act smart. Drive value creation with a culture of frugality.
  • One Global Network
    Think big and act local. We are part of a global ecosystem.
  • Listen and Learn
    Be open, humble and learn to continuously improve.
  • Empower Others
    Share knowledge and give guidance to feed creativity. We grow and succeed together.

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